The “Outline French” Manicure is the Coolest Nail Design For This Summer

A French tip is one of those classic manicures that we always like to come back to because it’s simple yet very elegant. Over the years there have been many creative twists on this classic design, and the outline French manicure is one of the latest trends inspired by French tips that we absolutely love.

Instead of swiping just one thin line at the tips, the outline French mani is taking things to another level by framing the edges of the nails and leaving the base neutral. The end result is a wonderfully minimalist design that’s perfect for the summer season and it looks great on all nail shapes.

The best thing about this graphic French mani is that it can be done in a variety of colors, not just white. Black, for example, is an unexpected color you can choose for creating this edgy look.

Blue nails are the perfect dreamy choice for hot summer days spent by the pool or at the beach.

Glitter nails are going to be trendy this summer and it’s the perfect way to improve any nail design.

Last but not least, an Outline French mani in rainbow color is one of the prettiest takes on this nail trend.