The Pink Sofa Trend May Be Just What You Need for Your Living Room

It’s time to get out of the comfort zone and get a pink sofa for your living room!

Most of us choose a sofa in a neutral color. It’s a big piece of furniture that should look good with everything else in the living room, so the safe choices like grey or beige are the most common. But once you discover the world of colorful sofas that completely change how your place looks, you’ll never look back. This season, pink sofas are our absolute favorite.

There are plenty of options you can choose from: from baby pink to millennial pink and bright pink. Each of them will have a different effect but they all look stunning. If you want to make a big change by switching up only one piece of furniture, a pink sofa may be the perfect solution for you.

Most shades of pink will look great in rooms with neutral colors and wooden elements. They complement the industrial style perfectly but also look amazing in boho interiors and minimalistic apartments. For the best effect, pair your new sofa with another piece in the same color: a big lamp or a painting on the wall will do the trick.