The Tasty Traveler is Everyone’s Instagram Obsession Right Now

Known for its cherry blossoms, pandas, and quirky sense of fashion, Japan is definitely where the cool kids are at. Case in point: Katie, aka The Tasty Traveler. An American currently living in Tokyo, Katie documents her experiences through her social media platforms and food blog. With a special emphasis on food and Japanese desserts in particular, Katie’s Instagram page promises to satisfy your sweet tooth.

“Two of my favorite things are exploring the world experiencing different cultures, and enjoying a variety of delicious culinary creations,” writes Katie on her website. “I travel near and far looking for the best food, drinks, and services. I hope I can point you in the right direction to good eats and great businesses on your own journey.”

Her blog also includes some tasty challenges, like The Japanese Kit Kat Project where she rates the many different Kit Kats Japan has to offer. “Kit Kats are very popular in Japan,” explained Katie, “so popular, that many new special and unique flavors of Kit Kats are released all the time. There have been over 300 flavors released since 2000! They became a popular treat to give out to encourage people, since the name sounds close to Kitto Kattsu (きっと勝つ- you will surely win).” The Kit Kats are organized by type, Katie’s personal rating (and a second opinion from another person), and the location she purchased them.

In another blog post, Katie takes on the Tokyo Pancake Quest—a stamp rally where you visit different restaurants in Tokyo that offer pancakes (because… why not?).”The quest was not easy, but it was pretty fun!” she concludes, “I loved seeing how each café interpreted the challenge.”

Check out her Instagram page for more: