The Top Five Most Memorable Music Videos of 2020

We’re just days away from this year being over, and while most things haven’t been great this year, music has been one of the saving graces. Artists have delivered hit after hit and these music videos were the ones everyone couldn’t stop talking about in 2020. Did your favorites make the list?

Ariana Grande — “34+35”

Grande is a ’90s kid at heart and her inspiration for this video clearly came from Austin Power’s fembots. The singer plays the platform boot-wearing scientist as well as the lead fembot.

Bad Bunny — “Yo Perreo Sola”

Bad Bunny brought the party to us in the “Yo Perreo Sola” music video in which he dresses up in drag and looks fabulous.

Phoebe Bridgers — “Kyoto”

Artists have had to get creative during the pandemic and Bridgers shot the entire video for “Kyoto” on a green screen. She explores all of the world—flying over oceans, surfing the Japanese railway, and fight Godzilla, while wearing a skeleton suit.

Doja Cat — “Say So”

This ’70s fantasy is complete with crochet and disco-glam outfits. There’s even homage to the TikTok dance that made the song a hit.

The Weeknd ft. Doja Cat — “In Your Eyes” Remix

This psychedelic remix to The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” featuring Doja Cat takes you on a psychedelic trip complete with animated characters of the singers, rainbow roads, and moving planets.