The Trendiest Plants for Fall 2020

Plants are one of the best ways to decorate your home and to bring in some life and color that makes any space look better. Sure, there are the classic plants that everybody likes year-round, like the cactus and the Pothos of the world, but if you’re a true house plant connoisseur, you’re probably curious about which new plants are currently having a moment. Well, look no further, because here’s your answer.


The consensus is in: fall 2020’s hottest house plant is the Hoya. They come in a bunch of varieties, including linearis, carnosa, and pubiclyx, and people are swooning over their unique texture and fun blooms. The best part is that they’re super easy to care for, so you can enjoy them even if you’re the type of plant lover who generally has to stick to the more forgiving species.

String of Hearts

In recent years, people have been unable to get enough of trailing plants, and one of the trendiest for this fall is String of Hearts. Known for its delicate, heart-shaped leaves that trail long and strong, String of Hearts (Ceropegia) is a semi-succulent, so you won’t have to water it too much.

Swiss Cheese Plant

A tropical plant with a Latin name as quirky as its nickname (Monstera deliciosa), the Swiss Cheese plant is all over the place in 2020. It’s large, in charge, and loves to climb, which, combined with its characteristic fenestration (aka leaf holes), makes this one a true showstopper.