The Very Best Viral Moments From 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/REX/Shutterstock (10049544bu)

This year’s Golden Globe ceremony brought a few pretty surprising victories and several meme-worthy moments that put a smile on our face. Here’s a few we’ll be talking about in weeks to come.

100 People In a Room

Lady Gaga became a laughing stock of the whole world thanks to her “100 people in a room” routine, and the hosts used their monologue to make fun of her one more time.

Glenn Close’s Reaction

In a shocking turn of events, Lady Gaga lost the Golden Globe to Glenn Close – and we’re happy she did after seeing this reaction.

Regina King’s Powerful Speech

This year’s Golden Globe ceremony was filled with hilarious speeches, but Regina King used her minute in the spotlight to make a powerful pledge for inclusivity in Hollywood.

Christian Bale’s Thank You Note

Speaking of hilarious speeches… It doesn’t get much better than Christian Bale thanking Satan for giving him inspiration for the role of Dick Cheney in Vice.

Olivia Colman’s Shout-Out

Swear words at award ceremonies are usually a no-no, but Olivia Colman used the B-word for all the right reasons while thanking her co-stars from The Favourite.

Carol Burnett Award

Imagine having a life-achievement award named after you, just so you could receive that same award. True legends only!

Jeff Bridges Steals the Show

Speaking of true legends, Jeff Bridges received Cecil B. DeMille Award this year and channeled the Dude during his acceptance speech.

Everything About Sandra Oh

No one had a bigger night at the Golden Globes than co-host Sandra Oh and our heart melted when she thanked her parents in Korean while accepting her award for Killing Eve.