The Victorian Christmas Trend is Huge Right Now

After such an intense year, we can’t wait for the Christmas holidays to announce its end and hope for more luck in 2021. What better way to say goodbye to 2020 than by going overboard with our Christmas decorations? This year, the traditional Victorian style will be the biggest trend!

After so many ups and downs this uncertain year has brought us, we completely understand that people just want to feel the comfort of tradition and spend holidays with family and closes friends. Victorian-style Christmas has never looked better and the stores have everything you need to recreate the magical atmosphere in your home.

The dominant colors will be red, green, and gold, after many years of us exploring new styles and trends. Big, fluffy trees decorated with classic ornaments will look wonderful against the fireplace or whichever source of warm light you prefer. Don’t forget about festive dishes and table decor and you can count on feeling special night after night as you dine with the people you love the most.

Which holiday decor style do you prefer this year?