There Will Soon Be a Louis Vuitton Restaurant in Japan

Fashion company Louis Vuitton will soon open its first restaurant in the world, in Japan’s city of Osaka. The restaurant will be located at their new flagship boutique called Le Café V, and it will have an exciting menu designed by chef Yosuke Suga. The exclusive place will feature a big terrace and a bar.

The opening of the restaurant was confirmed by the company’s CEO Michael Burke, who also hinted there will be more exciting news in the future, which was confirmed by Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH.

“The future of luxury will not only be in luxury goods, as it’s been for many years, but also in luxury experiences, and we want to be in both segments,” Arnault told Evening Standard.

The company has plans to open more restaurants around the world, and possibly even hotels at some point. 

The boutique in Osaka will open its doors on February 1st and the restaurant will open on the 15th.