These ’00s JLo Styles Will Be All the Rage in 2021

It’s official—the aughts are back and celebrities are already embracing the trends from that era. JLo was a huge forerunner of the hottest ’00s trends when she was on the red carpet, on stage, and on the streets, and these trends that she made so famous are now popular today. Don’t believe us, head to Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie’s Instagrams. These are the ’00s styles that JLo wore that are making a comeback in 2021 as well as how to make them current.

Velour Tracksuits

Y2K was all about the tracksuit and in addition to JLo, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were known to wear them as well. JLo favored Juicy Couture’s famous pink set just got a 2020 update with the brand’s collab with APPARIS.

Newsboy Caps

Bad hair day? Newsboy caps have got your covered. The trend started with Lopez who wore a winter white furry one and now, Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes have been spotted in them.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

While this trend started in the ’80s, it made it’s way into the aughts and JLo highlighted her curves with gold belts and gold chain pendants. Now, style them with jeans or a slip dress for a modern, edgy look.

Fringe Dresses

Fringe was seen all over the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020 runway in everything from dresses and coat to bags and shoes. Lopez first wore sheer fringe dresses back in the ’00s.

Embellished Tops

Crystal embellishment was everywhere in the aughts and in addition to crystals, JLo also wore sequins and sparkles. Today, pair embellished tops with wide-leg baggy jeans for an all-out aughts look.