These 3 Ceramic Artists are Putting Face Shaped Cups on the Map

If you love ceramic art as much as we do, you probably can’t resist buying a beautiful new mug every time you see one. No matter how extensive your coffee cup collection is, we bet you don’t have a face-shaped mug just yet, and these three artists are currently putting them on the map.

River of Ceramics

Founded by Lebanese-born ceramic artist Rima Sobh, this brand is best known for its cups, planters, vases, and other ceramic pieces that have one thing in common—serene facial expressions that make it seem like they’re sleeping and having beautiful dreams.

La Viva Verde

Lex Pavone, the founder of La Viva Verde prides herself in creating “slow crafted earth art”. In addition to coffee cups and mugs with mystical faces, she also enjoys making everything from teapots and flasks to planters and hanging decorations.

Sind Studio

If you’re looking for coffee cups that perfectly capture your mood, check out the creations by this Tel Aviv-based ceramic studio. Nadya and Dima Gurevich are crafting mugs with funny facial expressions, that show them smiling, yawning, and doing everything in between.