These 3 Christmas Tree Trends Will Make Your Home More Festive

The holiday season is finally here and people are already decorating their Christmas trees. If you still aren’t sure what to do with yours, how about using the year’s biggest Christmas tree trends as inspiration?

Rainbow Christmas Trees

If you’re struggling to pick a single color for your Christmas tree decorations, how about using all of them? Rainbow Christmas trees are having a moment right now and if you can’t find one at your local home décor stores, using ornaments in all the colors of the rainbow to create a similar effect is always an option.

Rustic Christmas Trees

If you’re not a fan of flashy, colorful displays, rustic Christmas trees will be the right match for you. There are many different ways to interpret this trend, but the best way to embrace it is using DIY ornaments made with natural materials, such as wood and dried fruits.

Succulent Christmas Trees

Tiny Christmas trees made of succulents are also a huge hit right now. They aren’t big enough to be used as a centerpiece of your holiday decorations, but they can be a great addition to your home this holiday season—and an even better gift for plant lovers in your life.