These 3 Interior Design Trends Will Mark 2021

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

During the past year, many of us spent more time than ever at home, which led to a stronger need for nesting and decorating. If your home still doesn’t feel complete or you simply want to change something and make it fresh, here are the top three interior design trends for 2021 to guide you.


Here’s some good news for everyone who loves introducing colors to their home—green tones will be huge this year! Could this be an attempt to bring the outdoors inside? Perhaps, but we can all agree that green can be very calming and relaxing.

Food Decor

You’ve probably already noticed cabbage-shaped plates and vegetable print tablecloths around social media, and in 2021, even more items will come designed like food. It’s a great time to stock up if you’re into this trend!

Conscious Shopping

We’re always for sustainability, and more and more people agree with this trend. In 2021, shopping second-hand, repurposing, and restoring the old pieces will be all the rage. This is the best way to make sure not everyone else has the same furniture as you do.