These ’90s Beauty Trends Are Making a Comeback This Year

90s beauty trends
Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash

From slip dresses and dark lips to pastel eye shadows and glitter—there are so many awesome ’90s trends that we almost forgot about and some that are better left in the past. Check out these nostalgic ’90s beauty trends that are making a comeback—do you approve?

Flavored Lip Balms

’90s kids probably remember those yummy lip balms in all sorts of flavors that were all the rage three decades ago. Flavored lip balms with exotic and modern flavors are popular again and they’re no longer just for kids.

Temporary Tattoos

This is yet another 90’s trend that was very popular among kids and is now making a comeback with a grown-up twist. Temporary tattoos are rising in popularity among celebrities as well as people who are not yet ready to commit to real tattoos.

Hair Accessories

Hairpins, barrettes, clips, and other cute hair accessories were literally everywhere back in the ’90s. This beauty trend is making a comeback and there are so many adorable and fresh ways to embrace it this summer.

Brown Lipstick

In case you were too young to wear lipstick back in the ’90s now is the time to make up for it by rocking this nostalgic beauty trend. Brow lipsticks are back in style and everyone, including many celebrities, are glad about it.