These Are the Fall Décor Colors of Instagram

Fall decor
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

With Halloween coming up and fall making its grand entrance into our lives once again, the time has come to decorate according to season. Social media has been filling up with porch décor and interior design ideas conveying that gentle fall melancholy, and we’re here to tell you what’s what.

Colors of the Season

Judging by Instagram trends, the color-combo of fall 2022 is definitely off-white as the dominant shade with touches of orange and brown. This mix of neutral and earthy colors creates the perfect fall atmosphere. 

Front Porch Décor

When it comes to the fall front porch, people seem to be a bit bolder with that Halloween-orange, placing juicy pumpkins of all shapes and sizes outside their front doors and getting visitors into the holiday spirit. 

Tip: go all-out with your pumpkins!

Interior Spaces

When it comes to the inside of the house, brighter, more neutral shades rule this year’s fall décor. The backdrop will often involve off-whites and perhaps even grey shades, broken with small items of warmer colors such as orange or brown.

Tip: when it comes to interior design, be tame, but splash a bit of color.