These Hottest Hair Colors For Spring 2020

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

With the warmer months soon approaching, it’s time to give your hair some much needed TLC. While many people like going lighter with their color in the spring and summer, natural hair colors are what’s popular this year. These are the hair colors you should ask your hairdresser for.

Toasted Strawberry Blonde

This low-maintenance hair color only requires you to come into the salon once every four months, and it looks like you’ve spent the day at the beach.

Caramel Ribbons

If you’re brunette, but you still want a bit of color in your hair, choose caramel highlights. You’ll only have to get touch-ups twice a year. It’s also more natural-looking, and it’s better for your hair than going super light.

Sandy Beaches

For those who like to be bold, this subtler take on icy blonde is more natural, and it’s relatively low maintenance, requiring a salon trip every three to four months. Just make sure you use purple shampoo between visits to keep your hair from going brassy.

Dark Chocolate

Dark hair also looks great with highlightsβ€”dark brunette highlights on black hair can really freshen up any look and they only require you to get them touched up once a year!