These TikTok Summer Trends Aren’t Going Away

Corn ribs — a trend that's not going away
Photo by Virgil Cayasa on Unsplash

TikTok food trends usually have a very short expiration date, and we all forget about them in a few weeks. Some of them, however, prove to be such a huge hit that we keep going back to them time and time again. This summer has given us a few trends like that, and that happens to be the case with these three.

Ice Cream Boards

If you enjoy putting a twist on classic charcuterie boards, ice cream boards will be your cup of tea. They allow you to take your summer parties to the next level by perfectly arranging ice cream ingredients on a wooden board, and you can easily embrace this seasonal trend every summer.

Whipped Lemonade

Whipped lemonade is the most popular TikTok drink of summer 2021, and we’re pretty sure it’s not going anywhere. It’s picture-perfect, delicious, and incredibly easy to make so it’s safe to assume it will make a comeback every time summer arrives.

Corn Ribs

Corn on the cob is one of the most popular summer treats, but it was overshadowed by corn ribs this year. If we could pick a single TikTok trend that emerged this summer that’s here to stay, we’d put our money on corn ribs because they’re one of the tastiest ways to eat corn.