This Classic Coat Trend Looks Good on Anyone

Some people love it, others not so much, but leopard print found a way to become a classic in fashion. Leopard print is a clear winner among all animal prints when it comes to being universally loved and cherished. A coat in this print never goes out of style, but you can also get it in many other garments.

The best thing about a leopard-print coat is that it can make any outfit look much more elegant and put together in a second. You can wear it on top of a monochromatic all-black outfit or pair with jeans and a white shirt, and you will always look like you’ve put so much time and effort into getting dressed.

In 2020, the classic faux-fur look returns to the collections of many famous designers. Gucci is one of them, and numerous high street brands followed. Whether you’re looking for a big, heavy coat or something lighter and more appropriate for fall, we don’t doubt you’ll find it in the latest collections.

What’s your opinion on leopard coats? Scroll down to see several of our favorites from all around the internet. We already have so many outfit ideas for the cold weather, how about you?

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outfit of the day.

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