This Colorful Crochet Trend Helps Relieve Stress

Chances are that during the pandemic you’ve been feeling lots of stress, but there are ways to calm your mind while practicing social distancing. Knitting and crocheting have become popular over the past few months and they can decrease your stress and anxiety.

Do you remember the crochet temperature blanket trend we wrote about in a previous article? This new colorful crocheting trend uses rainbows, which are a symbol of hope during the pandemic—people have been displaying rainbows in their windows to spread joy while self-isolating. Across Instagram, people are combining the #rainbowhunt trend with crocheting and so far, there are almost 16,000 posts tagged under #crochetrainbow.

Crocheters are making colorful rainbow pillows to gift to friends who are social distancing alone and colorful rainbow window hangings to display messages of hope and to thank healthcare workers around the world.

To get involved all you need is a set of hooks, yarn, and some basic crochet skills. We could all you some bright colors and cheer during this difficult time. Here are our favorites from Instagram to give you some inspiration.