This Is the Only Jewelry Trend You’ll Need in 2021

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Working from home in 2020 brought many changes to our daily lives. We suddenly stopped dressing up for work and didn’t have to commute, so getting ready required much less time than before. But after many months of this new regime, we can all agree that we miss the dress up part and we’re curious to see what are the latest fashion trends when it comes to work outfits.

No outfit is complete without some jewelry, and if you’re currently lost among all the different trends you see online, here’s how to make the decision a bit easier. The way we see it, there’s one jewelry trend that sets you apart from the rest and is everything you need to look put together on the next Zoom call or when you finally start going out—chunky gold rings.

Gold-colored rings that aren’t too dainty are a statement piece that looks really great with blazers, dresses, elegant blouses, or anything else you may wear for work. They are so easy to combine with clothes and will emphasize your elegant hands in a beautiful way.