This Manicure is the Latest Trend in Men’s Beauty

Manicures are no longer something only women are using to express their individuality and creativity. Nail art is being seen on celebrity men like Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky, Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Van Ness, and Travis Scott.

While men painting their nails isn’t something new — after all, David Bowie and Kurt Cobain were known for doing it — celebrity men today have been stepping it up with interesting designs.

Nail artist Mei Kawahriri, founder of Nail by Mei, said that ASAP Rocky DMed her on Instagram saying he was a huge fan and that he wanted his own manicure. ASAP Rocky had just dyed his hair green, and he wanted his nails to match his new ‘do, so Kawahriri painted a Frankenstein and Dennis Rodman design backstage at Madison Square Garden for the rapper.

Kawahriri also worked with rapper Travis Scott backstage at a fashion shoot. Although the rapper was hesitant about having nail art at first, the two agreed upon old English lettering for each nail that spelled out his name and he liked the finished product.

Another nail artist, Britney Tokyo, has also worked with celebrity clients, specifically singer Harry Styles, since 2016. 

“I get creative keywords and color palettes from him [Harry Styles],” says Tokyo. “And he tells me to do whatever I want, like I could do Japanese Omakase style.”

The trend seems to be popular among men in Hollywood, but will it be seen in everyday life? We’ll have to wait and see!