TikTok Stars are Showing Up in A-List Music Videos

TikTok influencers are slowly becoming celebrities in their own right and many A-listers are trying to hitch their wagon to their star. That’s why it’s not unusual to see popular TikTokers making cameos in the music videos released by the biggest stars on the modern pop scene and here’s a few who’ve done it already.

Charli D’Amelio

After appearing in the epic visual for the double single “Pa’ Ti + Lonely” by Jennifer Lopez and Maluma, TikTok’s biggest star joined forces with Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat in the time-traveling visual for “Baby, I’m Jealous”—and she wasn’t alone!

Avani Gregg

The playful visual for “Baby, I’m Jealous” was a star-studded spectacle and it also featured an appearance from D’Amelio’s close friend Avani Gregg and beauty guru Nikita Dragun.

Loren Gray

Taylor Swift was casting TikTok influencers in her music videos before it was cool. Loren Gray was one of many stars who made a cameo in her groundbreaking visual for “The Man”.

Haley Sharpe

Haley Sharpe was responsible for starting the viral TikTok dance that put Doja Cat’s smash hit “Say So” on the map and it was a true delight to see her in the music video for this song.