TikTok Stars are Turning Their Fame Into Record Deals

In the past, aspiring musicians had to send demos to every producer and record label in order to get signed, but now, TikTok has become the way to get discovered. Last year, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion became super popular due to their popularity on the platform, helping them earn Grammy nominations, and TikTok has even boosted the careers of veteran artists including Fleetwood Mac and Aly & AJ. These three TikTok artists have already landed labels due to their presence on the platform and you’re hearing about them hear first.

Nessa Barrett

The 18-year-old singer started her TikTok account in early 2019, posting lip-synching videos to popular songs. Two years later and she has over 13 million followers. After posting clips of her singing on the platform, Warner Records reached out to sign her and her debut “Pain” was released in July. Since then she’s released “if you love me”, a punk-rock take on “Santa Baby”. She told Variety that her music has a “punk, dark rock kind of vibe.”


This TikToker tuned Travis Barker prodigy is just 19-years-old and he started on the platform making comedic content. He now has almost nine million followers and he fell in love with singing after watching Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never documentary. After releasing his first song, “Comatose,” independently in February, he got a call from Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker who made him the first and only signee of his label, DTA Records. Jxdn now has five singles and two of which, Angels & Demons” and “So What!,” broke through the top 10 U.S. rock charts. He’s releasing his debut album in early 2021 and the first single “Better Off Dead” was released on December 18.


Jufu started with Vine at the young age of 13 and he then carried his followers to Musical.ly, and then TikTok, where he has 3.2 million. “Woahh” was his first song to go viral and at first it was only 30 seconds. After the popularity of the raper’s single peeked, he made a full version. His next release, “Who R U,” started a TikTok challenge that Will Smith and Steve Harvey participated in. Jufu was approached by 12 to 15 labels before signing with Island Records.