TikTok’s Micro Trend Cycle is Bad For Fashion

Constantly shopping for new trends
Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

If you have TikTok, or are simply aware of TikTok trends, which is to say are aware of trends in general—because in 2021, TikTok plays a huge role in determining what is cool in fashion and beyond—then you’ve probably noticed something a little new in the past year or two.

While in previous decades, there may have been new trends every few years—or even every year and every season—in the 2020s, it feels like there are new trends every few days. This year alone, TikTok has given us the rise and fall of trends such as House of Sunny dresses, pastel tie-dye, sweatsuits, and rectangular sunglasses.

But as fun as it is to keep up with new trends, the reduction of the typical trend cycle into a squished version of it that lasts for only days or weeks also has a dark side. Because to keep up, people are required to buy way more clothes, which contributes to overconsumption and clothing waste—two issues that plague the Western world.

So what’s a fashionable girl to do? Well, we’re not saying you shouldn’t participate in trends at all. But next time you hear about a trend, think about whether or not you actually like it before making a purchase. Can you see yourself holding onto something for more than just a few months or even years? That’s a trend worth buying into.