Top 3 Drink Trends That Will Define 2022

Bubble tea
Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash

2022 is here, bringing many innovations our way, and they will significantly change the way we drink. If you’re looking for some new trendy beverages to sip on in the new year, here are three that you’ll be seeing everywhere in the next few months.

Bottled Cocktails

Cocktail culture will experience a huge shift in 2022 and you won’t have to go to your favorite bar or watch mixology tutorials to sip on a delicious cocktail. Canned and bottled cocktails are experiencing a huge boom right now and they’re offering a more practical, accessible, and affordable way to consume your favorite cocktail.

Bubble Tea

Afternoon tea will be the new happy hour in 2022, and one type, in particular, will be shining in the spotlight. Bubble tea, originally invented in Taiwan, will experience a huge comeback this year and it’s expected to become a global sensation in many countries around the world.

Potato Milk

Just when we thought we’ve seen every possible plant-based milk alternative, the Swedish company DUG Foods proved us wrong. They’re putting potato milk on the map, claiming it’s the most eco-friendly and sustainable substitute you could possibly use when trying to replace dairy milk.