Top 3 Home Design Trends for Fall/Winter 2020

Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash

Home decor is never truly done. There are always beautiful new details that you can add and some things you don’t like anymore and want to change. If you want to see what’s new in the interior design world for Fall/Winter 2020 so you can plan your actions accordingly, keep reading.


If you’re a fan of different textures but weren’t sure where to go next, the obvious answer is bouclé. It’s also known as teddy bear fabric and we’re sure you already have several ideas for implementing it. It can look good in any space, whether you choose it for details or for big furniture like a new chair.

Travel Memorabilia

Now is the perfect time to display all your favorite travel memorabilia to remind you of all the good time you’ve had while you’re planning new, post-pandemic adventures.


This trend is all about embracing the past and including some of the old trends (from decades ago) in your modern home. “Granny chic” homes have never looked better! Don’t be afraid to mix the different styles as this will make your home look authentically yours.