Top 70s-Inspired Fashion Pieces

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

The 70s are majorly trending right now from home decor to haircuts to fashion. If you want to join in and try out some 70s in your own wardrobe, here are the most important clothing items that you need to get.

Denim Dresses, Rompers, and Jumpsuits

When people think of denim and the 70s, their minds often jump straight to jeans and bell-bottoms, but one classic 70s style that isn’t remembered quite as well as the denim full-body piece, like denim dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits. They’re both casual but put together, and very fun and retro.

Boho Dresses

The hippies were only getting started in the late 60s, meaning that early 70s fashion is still full of those free-flowing, long-sleeved, often mini-dresses that you associate with the hippie movement. Look for floral prints, sheer fabrics, and earthy colors.

Neck Scarves

Let’s finish off with an accessory that’s easy to get and doesn’t require much investment, making it easy to experiment with 70s style without any commitment. We’re talking about the neck scarf—usually thin—that is a classic 70s piece, adding a retro flair to any outfit with minimal effort.