Tourism After Covid: The Return of the Solo Traveler

While we’re still testing the waters when it comes to tourism after Covid, experts predict two rising trends: local and solo traveling. Other experts claim that people will choose road trips over plane travel in the upcoming months. Whatever the case is, flexibility is key when planning ahead.

Travel bloggers know best. As we look forward to our next vacation here at Top Pop Today, we take note of some of the biggest, most prominent bloggers. Most recently we’ve tuned into Brooke Saward’s travel blog, World of Wanderlust. Amassing a staggering half a million followers on Instagram alone, Saward’s platform offers tips, hacks, and advice that will upgrade your vacation.

Originally from Tasmania, Australia, this past year Saward’s travels have been reduced to more local adventures. According to the seasoned traveler, 90% of her travels have been on her own, documenting her trips and capturing the scenery by herself. A solo-traveler enthusiast, Saward says that traveling solo means sharpening your problem-solving skills.

“The scariest part is actually booking the ticket,” she remarked once in an interview with Redbrick. “When you land, you will quickly become a problem-solver and there’s nothing you can’t overcome”.

“Before I started travelling solo I was a very shy, introverted person,” admits Saward. “But when you are forced into situations that you need to figure out yourself (often with limited time), you really grow into yourself and come out of your shell. Solo travel is single-handedly the best thing I have done in my life so far.”

The advantages of solo traveling are great and include stepping out of your comfort zone, having more freedom to do as you wish, and getting to know yourself better. Looking to give it a try? Head, first, to World of Wanderlust’s solo travel guides, and follow Saward on Instagram for some travel inspiration.