Transform Your Living Space with Maria Fiter’s Unique Lamps

There’s truth in the cliché: light really does transform a room. And if life holds a transformative quality, then lamps are the key to the actual transformation. Such is the case with Crea-Re’s handcrafted paper pulp lamps—the brand’s name is a combination of the words creativity (CREA) and recycling (RE).

Made of paper mâché and wood, Crea-Re’s lamps offer a sustainable and artsy edge to interior design. The use of paper mâché means that each lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece, riddled with irregular recesses and unique wrinkles. This uniqueness stems from the brand’s founder’s artistic background.

Having studied History of Art in Cracow (Poland), Maria Fiter founded her studio in 2013 in Barcelona. Her work consciously oscillates between art and design, with Fiter’s passion for sculpting is visible in the organic shapes of every lamp.

“I always liked art: painting, architecture and the most of all sculpture,” writes Fiter on her website. “At the end of my studies I noticed that pure theory was not enough for me but I didn’t know what exactly the thing which makes me happy was. I tried to do many things in my life. I was working in a bar, as a clerk, art critique, carousel operator and finally after a few years of searching I understood.”

According to Fiter, she ultimately understood that her love lied with the practice of art making – more specifically, making something with her own hands. “I always liked to draw, to design something – a bag, wallet, bracelet, cushion etc. In general, I liked to work with my own hands because it was giving me a lot of fun, to create an object (sometimes pretty but sometimes not) which I could use afterwards.” This passion has transformed over the years into a full-time job.

Crea-Re’s lamps are 100% eco-friendly, made using only water-based varnish and beeswax finish in their wood products. Lamps designed by Crea-Re require energy-saving and LED sources of light. Head to the studio’s online shop and follow the brand on social media for more info.