Traveling by Train Is Having a Comeback

Photo by Balazs Busznyak on Unsplash

Traveling by train is becoming many people’s favorite way to travel, which puts it on top of the travel trend list for the new decade. This is most prominent in Europe, where trains are comfortable and fast.

One reason for this is “flygskam” or flight shame, a social movement that aims to convince people not to fly in order to reduce the environmental impact of commercial flights. The movement started in 2018 in Sweden and spread around Europe.

We got to see how much healthier our planet can be without as many flights when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Suddenly, many people are second-guessing if flying is really the best way to reach certain destinations, and out of all the alternatives, trains can offer the most.

Traveling by train is safe, relatively fast, and can be very comfortable. You can sit, sleep, or walk around the train, there’s no traffic, there are no seatbelts. Good wi-fi, food options, and toilet availability can make you forget you’re even traveling.

There are no huge fees for excess luggage and train stations are typically located in the city center, unlike airports that leave you miles away from your destination.