Try Dry Brushing Your Skin for Amazing Results

Image by jilcarrara/Instagram

Ever tried dry brushing your skin? It’s reputed to have a number of health benefits, according to fans of the practice. It is said to remove dead skin cells, and thereby improve the look of your skin, including smoothing out cellulite.

It is also said to stimulate the lympathic system, which collects and transports waste to the bloodstream.

As it is an energizing practice, experts recommend that you dry brush your skin in the morning rather than at night.

Some people use the brush on its own, while others use a small amount of body oil with the brush. If you dry brush without oil, take a shower afterwards and then apply lotion or oil. You could even take a sauna or steam bath before moisturizing the skin. If you use an oil with the brush, shower beforehand.

How to dry brush

Always brush towards the heart. Start at the feet and brush upwards. Then the arms from the hands upwards.

Your strokes should be small and firm, or circular. In the abdominal area, brush counterclockwise. Be gentle and don’t use a hard brush. Brush for up to 5 minutes at a time.