Tsunami Cakes Are Overflowing All Over Our Instagram Feeds

Last year has given us more fun and colorful food trends that we can count, but it turns out 2021 has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, as well. We’re kicking this year off with the most mesmerizing food craze we could possibly ask for—tsunami cakes.

Also known as Pull-Me-Up cakes, this dessert may look pretty ordinary at first glance, but the surprise hides within its layers and icing. The layers are filled with buttercream frosting, while the icing is slightly liquid, and it can flow down freely after the layer of thin plastic is pulled up from the cake.

Like the ultra-realistic cakes that were trending in 2020, tsunami cakes owe their popularity to their visual appeal. There’s something amazing about watching the videos of icing pouring all over the cake and the final result is always truly stunning.

We’re expecting to see many more takes on this viral trend in the upcoming weeks, but no one does them better than Nayane Capistrano at this point in time. She found viral fame thanks to her pull-me-up cakes inspired by cartoon characters, such as Sofia the First, Cinderella, and Princesa Jasmine.