TV-Inspired Makeup Collections Are Popping Up Everywhere

Screenshot from "WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+" via Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

Cosmetics brands sometimes find inspiration for their makeup collection in the most unexpected of places. Pop culture-themed makeup lines have been all the rage recently, and some of the very best are inspired by our favorite TV shows—both old and new.

Revolution Makeup – Friends

Revolution recently surprised us with a new makeup collection inspired by everyone’s favorite 90s sitcom. This is the brand’s third Friends makeup line, and it features two large eye shadow palettes, three smaller shadow palettes, and lip kits that allow you to channel your inner Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe.

ColourPop Cosmetics – Lizzie McGuire

Speaking of nostalgic makeup collections, ColourPop also has one in store. Their collaboration with Disney continues in the form of the Lizzie McGuire line. This makeup drop is truly what dreams are made of and it perfectly captures the essence of the beloved Disney heroine.

Ulta Beauty – WandaVision

Unlike the previous two brands, Ulta Beauty took a more modern approach to their most recent TV-themed makeup collaboration. They launched a line of products inspired by Marvel’s hit new show WandaVision, featuring a line of products that you can use to channel your inner Scarlet Witch.