Upcycled Frangrances are Taking Over the Beauty Industry

Upcycled fragrances. The latest beauty trend.
Photo by Camille Paralisan on Unsplash

From fashion and food to fitness and lifestyle, sustainability is taking over just about every industry. The beauty industry is no exception and brands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and the waste and pollution they produce. To do so they’ve come up with eco-friendly ways to source materials like upcycling ingredients. Among the many beauty products being upcycled is fragrances. So, what are upcycled fragrances?

Upcycling in the beauty industry involves using products like coffee grounds in body scrubs or lanolin, a byproduct of wool washing, in moisturizers. In regards to upcycled fragrances, they’re fragrances that have been made with essences and other scent materials that came from waste and byproducts.

You can create them at home with carrier oil and leftover herbs, spices, and fruit rinds. Larger brands source the ingredients from flowers, spices, fruits, wood, grasses, resins, sandalwood, and agarwood.

Upcycling fragrances reduces the amount of waste made during the manufacturing process and they can cut back on the number of new materials being sourced.

If you’re worried about if the “trashed” ingredients actually smell good, don’t. In some ways they have an even more intense smell than they once did, which can take fragrances to a whole new level.