Vaccine-Themed Desserts are the Latest Pandemic Trend

Over the past year and a bit, COVID-19 has significantly impacted every aspect of our lives. While we’ve seen a ton of food trends like whipped coffee, pancake cereal, cloud bread, and hot chocolate bombs, the latest and probably strangest is vaccine-themed desserts.

That’s right—bakeries around the world have come up with tons of vaccine-themed cakes and pastries. In Hungary, a pastry shop has made vaccine-themed layered mousses with jelly toppings and syringes on top. Each jelly represents a different COVID-19 vaccine— AstraZeneca is citrus yellow, Sinopharm is a darker yellow, Pfizer is green, Sputnik V is orange, and Moderna is blue. 

In Prague, a restaurant called Cerna Madona created a vaccine-themed dessert with a sponge cake base, banana mousse, and strawberry-banana filling that’s topped with a vaccine capsule injection.

Around the world, professional and home bakers are making vaccine-themed cakes for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. Each cake is completely different but just as eye-catching. Even home bakers have started making COVID-themed cakes.

Syringe cakes aren’t the only pandemic-inspired ones—last year people were making COVID-19 virus-themed cakes, that looked almost too cute to eat. Some bakeries are selling “Just Vaccinated” or “Happy Vaccination Day” cakes for people who’ve been vaccinated.