Valentina Mussi is the Food TikToker You Should Know About

Tasty recipes are one of the staples of TikTok, and they even helped several users on this social media platform find viral fame. Valentina Mussi is one of the very best examples, but how did she manage to build her TikTok empire, with one million followers and counting?

Mussi is the mastermind behind TikTok and Instagram pages Sweet Portfolio, and she’s been developing her brand since 2017. She’s based in Miami and describes herself as Italian-Colombian food and lifestyle content creator, best known for her viral recipe videos and exciting food reviews.

The most interesting thing about Mussi is that her food journey didn’t stop at sharing viral recipes on TikTok. She took things to another level by publishing her own cookbook, titled The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook, which features 75 internet-breaking recipes for snacks, drinks, treats, and more.

Whipped coffee, pancake cereal, and mug cakes are only some of the recipes she shared in her cookbook, but you can find many more on her TikTok profile. From extravagant milkshakes and cookies to honeycomb pasta and tortilla hacks, her videos are a real treat, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she soon collected enough material for another TikTok-themed cookbook.


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