Watch the Trailer for New Ryan Reynolds Movie “Free Guy”

In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller who finds out that he’s actually a non-player character inside a brutal video game. In the first trailer that was recently released, we see Reynolds’ character named Guy, a happy man who works in a bank, discover that the world around him is actually an open-world video game. His character is a minor one and his role in the game is basically to be shot at and kicked around by gamers. 

After learning the truth about the world he lives in, Guy starts rebelling against the role that was assigned to him. The movie was directed by Shawn Levy, who directed Night at the Museum. Reynolds stars in it along with Taika Waititi and Jodie Comer. 

“We really wanted to bring to the world a modern day Back to the Future for modern generations,” Reynolds reportedly said at Comic-Con Experience in Brazil. “Free Guy is my favorite movie I’ve ever made,” added Reynolds. “And that means a lot to me, because I made Deadpool.”

You can watch the trailer below. Free Guy will premiere on July 3rd, 2020.