Ways to Incorporate 2021’s Maximalism Home Decor Trend

How to incorporate maximalism
Photo by Edelle Bruton on Unsplash

For the creative, free-spirited, and colorful ones out there, the trend of maximalism in interior design is a perfect opportunity to let loose and go all out when decorating your home. Here are just a few ways to incorporate the trend into your space this year.

Mix Prints

While most people might say that throwing four different patterns and prints onto one small loveseat would be too much and inevitably result in clashing, the maximalist designer would say, “the more the merrier!” As you can see here, sticking to a specific theme (animal print) is a great way to tie it all together.

Variations on a Color Palette

While this room is certainly maximalist, it also uses the same color—teal—again and again in different shades. This allows for it to look cohesive even while having an abundance of eye-catching design elements altogether.

Minimalist Maximalism

Curious about trying out the maximalism trend but not certain that you can fully commit to going all the way hog wild with it? Try this minimalist maximalist look out by making every decor piece in your room a statement piece but limiting the number to avoid visual clutter.