We’re Calling It: “Squid Game” Nail Art Will Be Huge This Halloween

Screenshot from
Screenshot from "Squid Game"

Squid Game was released just in time for Halloween 2021 and if you haven’t seen it yet—what are you waiting for? The South Korean show lends for the perfect costumes and if you don’t want to go all-out getting dressed up, you can deck out your nails with Squid Game manicures. Not only are these perfect for Halloween, but you can also rock them all October long and we don’t see them going out of fashion within the next few months. Squid Game nail art is already taking over Instagram and we think it will be huge this Halloween. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Business Card

The business card that the players get with the phone number to enter the game may have been a real number, but the circle, triangle, and square featured on it have become a symbol of the show. For a Halloween effect, try a black, white, and red version.

Player Numbers

There’s nothing more dehumanizing than being referred to by a number like the players were in Squid Game, but it makes for a cute manicure, especially when paired with the circle, square, and triangle.

Red Light, Green Light

It doesn’t get creepier than the Red Light, Green Light doll, and she’s the inspiration behind this manicure.

The Staff

The staff also are popping up all over Squid Game nail art and the red, white, and black color scheme gives off haunting vibes, making it perfect for spooky season.


Got a favorite player who didn’t make it out alive? Portraits of Gi-hun, Ali, and Sae-byeok look so cool, especially when paired with other Squid Game symbols.