What is Cheugy?

A group of millenials
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

There comes a time in all of our lives where we become old enough that we’re no longer in touch with what the cool young kids are doing, wearing, and saying, and if, like Hilary Duff, you’ve started to hear the term “cheugy” recently and wondered what it means, you might be worried that this time has come for you.

Well, it turns out “cheugy” is a term created specifically to describe just how out-of-touch millennials are. Supposedly, it refers to a cringey combination of millennial, girlboss, and out-of-touchness. That means continuing to follow trends that are no longer cool, things like chevron patterns, EOS lip balm, home decor from Target, and Gucci belts with the large double “G” logo.

Basically, anything that was cool when millennials were young in the early 2010s is cheugy, which means it’s not cool anymore. Why? Well, Gen-Zs are the young, hip ones now and they get to decide what’s cool. Times are changin’, after all.

Though if you ask us, the coolest thing of all is just doing your own thing regardless of trends. So cheugy or otherwise, keep on wearing and buying and saying what makes you happy.