What is the “Rucking” Fitness Trend?

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash

2023 brought several pretty accessible fitness trends our way, and “rucking” is the next one in line. This buzzword has been one of the trending fitness terms in recent weeks, but what is it all about and should you consider giving it a try?

Rucking has roots in military training and comes from the word “rucksack”, aka a durable backpack, meant for carrying equipment. To “ruck” basically means to walk while carrying a weight in a backpack and it’s all the rage on TikTok right now.

Rucking became a huge hit on this social media platform because it effortlessly combines the aspects of weight training and cardio without being too difficult. It also doesn’t hurt its case that it doesn’t require any special equipment because you probably already have a backpack that you can use at home.

The military versions of rucking require covering a great distance while carrying a significant amount of weight, but there are no special requirements when it comes to your casual walks. You can bring as much weight as you want, walk for as long as you feel like it, and stop when it feels like you’ve reached your limit.

Unlike regular walking, rucking can add significant stress on your ankles, knees, hips, and back due to added weight, so it’s important to not go overboard and add weight gradually as you go along.

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