What’s Chalk Paint and Why Is It So Popular?

Photo by Karim Ben Van on Unsplash

Many of us spent 2020 trying to make our homes cozier and to do all the DIY projects we’ve been putting on hold for a long time. Back in March, we found ourselves stuck at home with more free time than ever, so it was finally time for those exciting home upgrades and creative projects. When it comes to materials used for such projects, chalk paint was one of the most popular, and here’s why.

Chalk paint was originally created by brand Annie Sloan, although many brands sell their own versions today. It’s great for achieving a matte, distressed look, but it has other benefits as well.

Chalk paint doesn’t require any special preparation. You can use it to paint over most clean and dry surfaces. Some of the exceptions include metal and shiny laminate. You can even use it over an old coat of paint! It won’t drip as much as regular paint while you’re working. Since chalk paint is water-based, brushes and other tools are very easy to clean after you get the job done.

Did you use chalk paint before or are you just planning to do it?