What’s Photo Dumps, the Newest Celebrity-Approved Instagram Trend?

Most Instagram trends are easy to spot, but some of them are so random that you have to pay really close attention to notice they’re happening. That’s the case with photo dumps, a celebrity-approved craze that’s been ruling Instagram all year long, whether you’ve noticed it or not.

Photo dumps put Instagram’s slideshow feature to some good use, and they consist of several random photos followed by a casual caption. There’s usually no obvious connection between the photos in the slideshow, and the best one rarely takes the first spot.

Photo dumps can be themed, such as Ariana Grande’s recent announcement of her engagement with Dalton Gomez. Most people use the first slide to showcase their engagement ring, but the Grammy-winning singer waited until the fourth to give us the full view of the adorable diamond and pearl jewel.  

Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Megan Thee Stallion seems to be loving photo dumps right now, while Bella Hadid, SZA, and Charli D’Amelio embraced them earlier this year. It may not be as effective for you if you don’t have millions of followers, but it’s a nice way to wrap the year up and post all the cute photos you’ve forgotten about in one place.