Which Baubles to Choose For Christmas Trees in 2019

Every year brings new Christmas decoration trends and it can be difficult to follow them all. Sometimes it’s a brand new color scheme, other times there’s an ornament you simply must have or a particular decorating style to follow. But what about Christmas tree baubles? Here are the most prominent trends for 2019.

Sea Life

Many people will decorate their Christmas tree with sea life motifs this year, and there are so many adorable baubles to choose from. Whether you live in a place with a warm winter climate or you simply want to honor summer, fish, dolphins, shells, and stars, they can all look great on your tree.

‘80s Christmas

The ‘80s are back, at least when it comes to Christmas tree decoration. Turn your tree into a disco playground and relive your childhood with disco ball baubles.



If you’d rather travel than stay at home during the holidays, then you may want your Christmas tree to follow that theme as well. You can decorate it with baubles in the shape of cars, luggage, busses, and landmarks from all around the world.