Why Are So Many Brands Introducing Their Own Activewear Lines?

More fashion brands than we can count launched their first activewear line in the last few months and the list is getting longer as we speak. Since the beginning of 2021, Oliver Bonas, Thinx, and JCPenney joined the growing list of brands with their inaugural workout collections, but why did they feel that now’s the right moment for that to happen?

Athleisure Rise

Even if you haven’t been working out more than ever throughout 2020, chances are you spent a lot of time rocking activewear. Comfy workout clothes basically became our “work from home” uniform, so it’s not surprising to see countless new brands trying to sell them to us.

Lucrative Endeavor

The activewear market has been on the rise for a couple of years now, and it’s proven to be a lucrative endeavor. That’s the main reason why so many fashion brands are trying to compete on the activewear scene and profit out of its huge popularity.

Bandwagon Effect

It’s common for brands to embrace certain trends just because everyone else is doing it. Everyone from major retail companies to celebrities and influencers has their own activewear line these days, so it’s becoming pretty unusual when a major fashion brand doesn’t offer one.