Why Everyone’s Talking About Lucifer Season 6

Tom Ellis in Lucifer
Tom Ellis in Lucifer

Lucifer was one of those shows fans really wished would never end. And for a minute there, it really did seem to go on forever: season 4 was meant to be the last one, then season 5 was announced; and just when we were preparing ourselves to start grieving, came season 6. Not that anyone’s complaining, obviously.

But season 6 of Lucifer being a huge deal is not just about it being the very positively undoubtedly last hurrah of this handsome devil and his charming entourage of celestials and humans. It’s also about the show’s plotline, well, coming back from the dead. So, there’s really no wonder why viewers still can’t get over it: even though the final season was released over a month ago, Lucifer is still the most viewed streaming show according to a recent report.

Let’s face it: we loved season 5 because we love Lucifer. But something about that season didn’t work quite as well as previous seasons, with some strange plot decisions that seemed to come out of nowhere and not really drive the story into interesting places. Plus, what were those musical episodes all about? But season 6 made us forgive the producers for all of that. From the very first episode, it was clear to see that Lucifer was back on track, with Lucifer and Chloe’s mutual daughter from the future (!), Daniel’s return as a ghost-in-limbo, and the mystery of Lucifer’s looming disappearance hovering over us until the very last moments. Plus, a happy ending that was still far from being the obvious choice.

All things considered, we probably won’t stop hearing about this show anytime soon.