Why Isn’t Hollywood Casting Cameron Diaz These Days?

Cameron Diaz at the "In Goop Health" Event in 2017. Photo by Marc Patrick/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (8862548cb)

A lot of fans keep wondering why Cameron Diaz hasn’t starred in major motion pictures since 2014, when Annie came out.

She used to be one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood and starred in a lot of big movies. Nowadays though, we don’t see much of her, but why?

In fact, it may have started with the movie Annie. It received a lot of negative criticisms and it barely earned money after its release. Aside from this one, her other recent movies have given her some of the most awful reviews of her whole career.

Also, it seems like she has already lost her power of drawing in the fans. One major problem is that she has always had a flop for each hit movie she made.

Another reason why she isn’t as popular anymore is that she may have peaked too early. Her movie role choices made her fans quite frustrated.

She started with great roles but since turning 45, she can’t play the same types of roles which have made her famous in the past. Although she wants to get out of her comfort zone, she somehow gets back in it time and time again.

Of course, Cameron Diaz has already experienced a lot of success in Hollywood. She has made a lot of excellent movies, which her fans surely treasure until today.