Why Taylor Swift Needs 90+ Trucks for the Era’s Tour

Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas, May 2018
Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas, May 2018. Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (9686654di)

Taylor Swift’s recent Era’s Tour is breaking all kinds of records and the logistics involved are pretty mind-boggling. After a five-year break, we didn’t expect anything short of spectacular for her return to the stage. So what does it take to pull off the biggest music tour in history?

Well first off, her stage is the size of a football stadium that has to be moved around with every show. But the genius thing that Taylor did was create two stages and two teams for her tour. So when she’s performing in say, Texas, there’s a second stage being set up in, for example, Florida. When she’s done with her shows in Texas, she can fly out straight to Florida and hop on an already-ready stage. Meanwhile, the Texas crew will start packing and moving again. So seamless, so smart. 

The cost of the logistics for her tour is a staggering $30 million, so that’s about half a million a week. But even more impressive is Taylor’s heart for the people who are helping her make this happen. Back in the summer, Taylor gave a $100,000 bonus to all her truck drivers. 

Taylor is an amazing boss not only on stage but also on her team!