Why the Oversized Bag Trend is Here to Stay

Tote bag
Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

If you’ve cast your eye over the catwalks in recent months or opened up a fashion magazine, you may have noticed that the majority of handbags being featured are large and oversized. Celebrities are endorsing the trend, and it’s trickling down to the high street too, with more and more women carrying suitcase-sized handbags on their arms. Whether you love or loathe this trend, here are three reasons why it’s here to stay.

Trend Shift

For a while now, the buzzwords in fashion circles have been ‘quiet luxury’, and style icons such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Hayley Bieber, and the character Shiv in Succession have been touted as examples of the wealthy, elite style. Now, there is some pushback against this trend in some fashion circles, with some brands seeking to dress their models in louder, bolder styles. The return to oversized bags can be seen as part of this pushback, as brands reject the neat, manicured style of quiet luxury and make statements with brighter, bigger looks.

More For Your Money

Put simply, an oversized or a large handbag, offers better value for money than a micro bag which fits lipstick and your keys. For those of us investing in luxury handbags, bigger means better, as forking out several hundreds of dollars on something which is too small to carry anything useful can feel pointless.

A Practical Purse

On nights out and for evening events, microbags are cute and appropriate. At any other time, it’s likely that you’ll need to carry far more than you can fit in that tiny purse, which is where the trend for oversized bags comes in. Fashion is recognizing reality for once, as most women are on their feet at work all day and need to carry water, a diary, a laptop, a wallet, and who knows what else. This trend is therefore a rare example of fashion matching reality, so embrace it while it lasts and grab yourself the biggest tote you can find!