Wild Hair Color Inspo From Bleach London’s Instagram

Bleach London is one of the best international salons for getting your hair color to match your dream shade. If London is a little too far over the pond, the good news is that you can order their products online. Here’s the major color inspiration from the official Bleach Instagram.

Green Juice

A few years ago, the idea of dying our hair green was a horrifying thought. It’s dye jobs like this that have opened our eyes to the stunning possibilities of pale green shades and highlights.

Bubblegum Pink

This, right here. This is the dream shade of pink. You cannot get pinker than Bleach’s The Big Pink dye. They have mixed the product with rosé for a lighter, bubblegum shade.

Lavender Grey

This gorgeous lavender cloud look was achieved using Bleach’s lavender grey toner. Stunning.

Angel Slice

Forget dip dye or balayage, we’re all about the angel slice. Adding a spruce of pink to platinum dye is a great way to make the white hair trend your own.

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Angel Slice by @paigehammy

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Tangerine Dream

Bleach’s tangerine dream dye is one of their most popular products. The dusty orange look can be achieved by applying the color to blonde hair. It’s non-permanent and fades out to this dreamy shade.

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orange fuzz by @kaythemoody #blorange

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