Will AI Be the Future of Perfumes?

The perfume industry may be on the verge of a big shift. Incorporating artificial intelligence into the process of making fragrance may transform the whole industry, but what can we realistically expect to happen?

While perfumes often smell like the most beautiful flowers or ripe fruits, the ingredients used for them are almost always synthetical. The smell of lavender, jasmine, or raspberries in your favorite perfume may have been perfected, but it wasn’t made using the real stuff. The lab-made replicas are doing a much better job, and now they may get help from AI.

But customers increasingly want natural ingredients, and there’s a way to give them that. As Aerin Lauder, founder of Aerin, told Allure, “It’s tricky to formulate perfumes with natural ingredients. They don’t last as long on the skin, and if you’re paying for a fragrance you want it to last.” Thanks to artificial intelligence, perfumers can measure how intensely your scent will smell over time, which helps them determine the concentration of individual ingredients. This allows for the creation of new, interesting combinations that weren’t possible before.